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BSH, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide, is a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG. In 2019, BSH Switzerland defined a new vision with its employees: PEAK23. The goal is to sustainably grow and strengthen BSH’s market position.

The yearly Kick-Off Event brings together the management team with all employees as a critical milestone on the way to the PEAK23 goal. It’s all about celebrating the last year of hard work, and at the same time learning from these experiences committing and motivating everyone to the year ahead – especially after a challenging year like 2020.

In 2021 we took employees of BSH on an emotional journey, traveling back in time to witness big historical moments. For the first time the event took place as hybrid online and face-to-face event, with 20 people onsite in the studio and 130 employees live at home. The aim of the Kick-Off was to update on the vision 2023, the respective growth strategy as well as discussing the current challenges and give the employees direction and create excitement for the next milestones in 2021.

A key message ran throughout all communication of the event:

FS Parker was entrusted by the Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group with the overall responsibility, from conception, consultancy, through to implementation. A close conceptual collaboration was ensured with the management team at BSH Schweiz. This allowed us to constantly exchange ideas, update each other on various milestones, and keep all stakeholders aligned.

Keeping the main goal in our focus to motivate the employees, an effective narrative had to be found. Through visual storytelling we tried to give the whole event a recurring theme; let’s not only think about big moments from the past, but let’s create similar big moments together in the future. For the show, every member of management dived visually into historical milestones from the past, whereas the CEO presented himself ‘from the future’ with an impressive light show.

All these elements were woven throughout the presentations, and along with the entertaining elements of this hybrid event, gave the show and constant thrill. “A very important and key element”, says Kathrina Rösinger, CEO Switzerland and André Franz, Head of Marketing.

A mix of information, entertainment, engaging live interaction with transparent interviews as well as digital wow effects allowed a feeling of togetherness among all participants. The audience was professionally guided throughout by the moderator Zoe Torinesi. Based on feedback from employees the motivation to work for BSH increased remarkably and the excitement to be together on the vision 2023 was newly unleashed.

Enrico Hoffmann, CEO BSH Italia (former CEO Switzerland) sees the consultancy of a professional partner like FS Parker as key to the success of such a digital event. “I really appreciated the impressive expertise, the professional preparation as well as the precise planning of FS Parker”, says CFO Piotr Zukowski. Head of Sales Europe, Volker Klodwig ads, “the way this digital format was produced by FS Parker was very impactful and will in that impressive form be very important for big organisations operating in various countries.”