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FIFA is a non-profit organisation overseeing and running a variety of business units that are responsible for growing the sport globally, ensuring football is accessible to everyone and advocating for integrity and fair play.

FS Parker was involved in a multi-year, multi-project engagement supporting three divisions:

Firstly, the Secretary General’s Office (SG Office) and its global corporate communication challenges. Secondly, the sales department of the commercial division and their engagement with world class brands through their sponsorship programmes. And finally, the technology service subsidiary company’s rebranding and go to market activities.

Supporting the SG’s Office, our role was to craft and present key messaging and design elements as part of the communication function of the yearly FIFA Congress. The congress is the top decision-making body in world football.

For the Sales division, our mandate was to create, design and build high-end sales presentation assets for use in all key sales activities world-wide. Supporting multi-billion-dollar sales targets we collaborated with the client to reach their full value proposition potential and secure new business.

We also supported a purpose-built technology service subsidiary company in pivoting their operations to a revenue generation mandate. We were tasked to provide a full spectrum rebranding, digital content engagement, including design and creation of all relevant communication assets for go-to-market commercial activities.

We drove intense collaboration with FIFA Executive staff and the Secretary General’s Office to shape the key messaging at a critical point in the organisation’s history. Through ongoing workshops, we were able to strike the right tone on communicating a series of sensitive and critical issues for the organisation.

Liaising with FIFA sales staff, we crystallised and gave focus to the value proposition of their global sponsorship commercial programme. We then iterated through multiple feedback loops to visually capture and emphasise the key storytelling elements.

By imbedding ourselves into the subsidiary’s management and leadership team we were able to capture the DNA of the company’s purpose and reason for existence. Through this approach we were able to deliver a compelling and dynamic story to engage the global football market and advocate its new products and services.

We developed a dynamic, crisp and clear set of messages at multiple FIFA Congresses outlining tough and difficult topics in comprehendible and clear ways.

For the sales department, we created world class storytelling presentation decks that generated excitement and emotion in FIFA’s commercial offerings. We were materially responsible for closing multiple sport sponsoring deals.

Our intense collaboration with the subsidiary’s leadership team resulted in a reinvigorated technology service company with a modern, agile and engaging narrative and visual identity.