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Since 2014 Kent had been developing the AHEAD platform, making the brand more relevant and accessible to Swiss consumers. With this foundation in place, it was time to take it to the next level and build a platform designed and created by consumers themselves.

A mobile, off-location concept that combined music, art and lifestyle and positioned Kent as a facilitator. Through the mobility of the cubes, a unique brand experience was created in a variety of locations.

The mission was to allow consumers to continuously experience the brand in a uniform way (whether offline, online or in retail), to live it, to love it, and to share it.

Our vision was to promote collaboration between artists (across disciplines) as well as the public, then create showcase exhibitions that were connected to the world of the senses (music, art, design, fashion and architecture). Music was a key pillar of the platform: The music studio, workshops, and production combined with young Swiss musicians was the central focus to the approach. Additionally, an “after-work location” was a great way to invite the public to experience art, dance and culture at Residence K.

Three cubes functioned as a music and design studio plus a lounge. The whole concept was mobile and could be implemented at any time in any suitable location. World-famous producers led workshops, artists gave lectures and well-known DJ's collaborated with the most famous party labels in each city.

The uniqueness and urbanity of the concept was shared online by the participating artists, as well through large media channels. The activation and considerable reach enabled our client, Kent, to give all participants a unique and lasting experience and position itself as a modern brand.