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Ringier is an internationally active, modern media group with an integrated and diversified value creation chain. Over 24 years Ringier has published its annual report as a special art project. Most recently in 2020, Ringier commissioned the English artist Ed Atkins to create pieces for the annual report, including hand-made illustrations and diagrams. However, since 2019 there was a growing feeling that it wasn’t enough for Ringier’s target audience of various stakeholders.

FS Parker was asked to explore possibilities of communicating about the annual reporting and how to complete the artistic annual report. Hardly any other communication area offers such a huge range of creative freedom, if you are willing to do so.

For some companies it is a highly ceremonial compulsory exercise, which repeats every singly year. But Ringier recognized a key pillar in the yearly communication plan and an opportunity to inspire and convince shareholders, employees, competitors, or any other stakeholder.

Since 2019, FS Parker has worked with Ringier across visual storytelling, consultancy, and creative support in close collaboration with the Corporate Communications team and CEO, Marc Walder. With “SPEAK”, a townhall event for around 700 people onsite and hundreds of people online, Marc Walder sets an example as visionary in today’s digital era.

In line with the overall objective, a dynamic and engaging event was established in order to communicated, motivate, and work together on the transformation of the media industry.

The multimedia show “SPEAK” puts the spotlight on various stories from across the company. It brings people, facts, data, developments and figures to life and tells stories with moving images about the publishing group.

From a content, but also from a packaging perspective, it is an event with infotainment and sustainable impact. Hannes Sigrist, Executive Creative Director at FS Parker says the following: “It’s refreshing to work with a CEO, who engages to such a great level with the art of storytelling. Shareholder and employees experience not only the achievements, but also the decisions and bumpy paths, which have moved the company throughout the year. It’s a big pleasure to work with clients who have the courage to play with all digital possibilities in today’s world.”

From an analogue event in 2019 at the CORSO cinema in Zurich with digital online interactions, to a fully digital live-stream from the home office of Marc Walder in 2020 due to the pandemic. In 2021 the event was taken to the next level with a film studio and presentation designed around the online audience participating digitally.