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As a program of theSwiss Federal Office of Energy, EnergieSchweiz supports voluntary measures to implement Swiss energy policy. In accordance with its statutory mandate, EnergieSchweiz promotes knowledge and competence in energy issues and at the same time offers to be a container for the market testing of innovative ideas.

In 2019 the EnergyChallenge came to an end. #WIRSINDZUKUNFT was the follow-up project that learnt from the achievements and behavioural changes of the Energy Challenge. Along with setting new targets, this new project incorporated the general cultural shift regarding energy issue themes.

Awareness of energy efficiency, climate protection and environmental issues had already been established throughout the general population. As part of EnergieSchweiz’s 2020 umbrella campaign, the objective was to go one step further and progress the general awareness levels in actual action with tangible effects that could be measured.

FS Parker and Aroma where the lead agencies of Energy Challenge. The agencies were responsible for the entire campaign creation and execution. FS Parker’s focus was on the concept, design and sponsor activation.

The goal was to take the public’s broad awareness of environmental and climate issues and support this with solutions and actions that enabled individuals to make a contribution or change. The proposed solutions were intended to promote public spirit and provide people with individual initiatives to action.

#WIRSINDZUKUNFT functioned as a brand trademark, ensuring the consistent communication of content across channels using the hashtag. The hashtag #WIRSINDZUKUNFT was flexible and could be adjusted for various campaigns. For example:


Our concept consisted of the following pillars: Tamedia Longform, Selfie Hotel, Greenfestival (cancelled due to Covid-19) and the Energy Quiz.

The main component of the campaign was the #WIRSINDZUKUNFT section on the 20minuten.ch website. Collaborating with the editorial office of Tamedia we created high quality long-form content that had a positive impact on the campaign, enabling knowledge transfer and interaction opportunities with readers.

In order to test what readers had learnt and to increase engagement, we developed the 20min-Quiz. Each day a well-known moderator presented the quiz as a classic game show on the 20minuten.ch website. The episodes of the short 5-minute quizzes were accessible (once live) via the 20min app, with a winner drawn from the participants who managed to correctly answer all 10 questions.  

A further pillar of our concept was the Selfie Hotel, aimed to reach a target group (14-20 years, predominantly female) that is often no longer reachable through traditional media. This target group was characterised as open and positive to our campaign themes. We leveraged this willingness through the Selfie Hotel concept, and with direct participation and visits to the Selfie Hotel, generated content around the issues of sustainability for social media channels.

This resulted in several hundred “WSZ” ambassadors engaging with tens of thousands of followers every week, who actively contributed directly or indirectly to call for more climate protection.