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BlickTV is Switzerland’s first digital TV station. BlickTV is fast: the first to deliver breaking news video content. It is flexible: the daily program adapts to current events. It is live: with 2 studios producing live broadcasts from 6am to 10pm.

Acting as a sounding board to the client we collected all the relevant information to then turn around a completely new and invigorating animated identity for the launch of BlickTV. It was an “all hands” on deck resource demand for our creative teams.

Under a significant time crunch a pragmatic but high-quality outcome was required. Using an extra dose of agility and intuition we spent just the right amount of time listening before we rapidly formed a dynamic, premium result.

BlickTV needed an identity that was flexible enough to feature a range of key messages but would also come together in one recognisable graphic element. With an ‘animation first’ approach, we quickly realized that a cube-form would be ideal. Taking into consideration the diverse applications we developed the identity across all formats – from the minimal station ident to the colour categorized logo-box and a 3D rolling cube countdown.