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Switzerland’s new flagship venue for events, trade fairs and conferences. Halle 550 in Zurich Oerlikon is a uniquely impressive plug & play concept that offers ultimate freedom. Thanks to the flexible room concept, both smaller spaces and all main spaces can be used for 50 to 3,500 people. “Supplier’s choice” enables you to design events tailored to your needs. The modular structure and the versatile configuration of the four spaces increase planning freedom - true to the motto: Halle 550 - “Anything goes.”.

The creative hub SUKI asked us to collaborate with them on a new landmark project for "Genossenschaft Migros Zürich". We were engaged in close collaboration with SUKI to define, plan and execute various marketing and communication elements ranging from the brand identity to their go to market strategy for the new event venue in Zurich.

We began with the conception of a brand identity that captured the essence and value proposition of the multifunctional flagship venue. Through our FS Parker brand assessment and a series of client workshops, we took the client's inspiration along with current industry best practices and combined it with our own creative capabilities to produce an intriguing, modular and modern brand that embodied the key elements of the new venue.

The result is a moving 3D-brand concept. There is not only one logo. There are a variety of logos in various forms to keep the feeling of being always in movement: "Anything goes". The logo doesn't only move through animation, but also in print, signage and static imagery where the logo 'swings' and changes across applications.

With a styleguide and a moving corporate identity we enabled the company to consistently leverage their moving branding concept. Reflecting Halle 550’s approach of flexibility and modularity, the logo is always in motion and constantly changing. Bold colours highlight the categories that the hall provides to clients; Exhibition, Congress, Meeting, Events and Services.

Based on our styleguide we developed the main elements of the Halle 550's go to market strategy. Together with our partner RELATE, we designed and programmed the Halle 550 website, which is optimized through a target audience oriented B2B journey. Taking into account the client's wishes and needs we conceptualized the website in the Halle 550 service categories. This allowed a smooth customer journey and a significantly reduced number of clicks and time to find the respective result.

Since clients were not able to experience the USP of this new venue before the official opening, we put all our skills into 3D motion films, that provided key insights into the Halle 550 spaces and acted as a window into the world class venue and service offerings. Every corner of the venue was brought to life through these short films.

Finally we planned and executed the communication campaign with various print and digital elements (with Schriber Kommunikation) and social media activities in the lead up to the official launch. The official B2B-launch led and conceptualized by SUKI and Komvent with 120 invited guests was the peak of various communication activitities: "Dîner surréaliste" with Charles Kaisin. The well known international curator inspired future clients one year before the official opening with a unique, fascinating and unforgettable dinner: the biggest lego bricks table, a comedian, a singer, a breathtaking menu by the star chef Andy Zaugg, and more than 60 waiters serving each course in a series of original costumes.

Together with KOMVENT and SUKI  this event won a XAVER award for the best corporate event in 2020.