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TROJKA is one of Switzerland’s best-known and best-selling spirits brand. Developed and produced in Switzerland for more than 25 years, the brand is sold in eight countries around the world. With over 12 flavours and products, TROJKA offers a unique variety of beverages, ranging from pure grain vodka to vodka-based liqueurs. As DIWISA’s biggest private label,TROJKA is also synonymous with continuous innovation. New products are added to the line on a regular basis.

We were responsible for the redesign and new brand communication of the entire TROJKA line. As the number one spirit in Switzerland, as well as being popular overseas, our challenge was to take the brand to the next level, whilst ensuring the recognisable, established foundation remained intact. Ultimately, our task was to transform the brand and establish clear and consistent communication across all channels.

FS Parker was responsible for a 12-month redesign project for the entire product line, including packaging, applications, campaigns and the new brand communication of TROJKA.

While redesigning the brand, we took care to work gently and not take a heavy hand in our work. Having full control of every details, we were able to optimise every single element (except the glass bottle), to give theTROJKA brand a new, fresh feel.

Combining the evolution of visual elements with our honed knowledge of the brand and market, ensured customers who knew the product would still recognise it immediately.

This is a quality product. With this fresh take on the design and brand language, we took the chance to change in the perception of quality, maintaining its number one status and also open up new territories, markets and demographics.