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Raiffeisen Switzerland is an association of all Swiss Raiffeisen banks and is responsible for strategy and business policy within the group. As the third largest banking group (225 banks) in Switzerland, it is one of the country’s leading retail banks. Raiffeisen is classified as a systemically important bank and has 3.8 million customers, 1.9 million of whom are cooperative members and thus owners of their regional Raiffeisen banks.

As part of the “Raiffeisen 2025” strategy, Raiffeisen recognised that traditional means of communication were no longer possible in the new pandemic era. Nevertheless, the annual kick-off townhall event was green lit with more than 2'000 employees in attendance. In line with the overall objectives, a dynamic and engaging event was needed to communicate and motivate the new five-year vision to the organisation.

The message:
Be the number "1" bank.

Against this background, FS Parker was commissioned to design, develop and deliver a hybrid digital townhall event to kick off the new strategy for 2021.

Working closely with the strategic communications department, the CEO and relevant C-suite staff, we brainstormed a solution that combined the technical requirements with the objectives while taking into consideration the medical constraints of the proposed solution.

Using our network of service providers, we were able to act as a hub between the client and rapidly determine a feasible solution for the event. Based on a defined concept and our “Strategy 2025” styleguide we created together with Raiffeisen the first fully digital townhall event in the company's history.

Due to the pandemic and related measures set out by the government, the event could not be physically implemented as it had been in previous years. For this reason, a digital approach had to be found that could convey a sense of togetherness. “Newsroom Communication” was selected as our technical provider and the solution "Let's get digital" provided a communications platform for company leadership which was interactive and engaging for a full 90 minutes.

To do this, a narrative had to be found that was effective for the event and also served as a metaphor for storytelling. Five short films told the story of two mountaineers ascending a summit climb to contextualise the event. The film elements were woven into the presentation by the company’s leadership and served as the narrative metaphor.

It was important for us to make the event as interactive as possible for the employees while maintaining a feeling of togetherness. This was created through a permanent feedback stream that including statements, emojis, live-polls or questions from the participants. To guide trough the event a professional moderator Miriam Rickli was engaged. The comedian Mike Müller using his character “Hanspeter Burri” was responsible for entertainment and caused a lot of laughters.

Stephanie von Mentlen Ramunno, Head of Strategic Communications at Raiffeisen commented the collaboration as follows: FS Parker is able to consult and respond to our demanding requests in a very pragmatic and solution oriented manner. A strong partner for strategic initiatives and impactful communication solutions: Holistic, content-wise and visually state-of-the-art.